A3 Custom Pet Portraits

  •  A3 Custom Pet Portraits

A customized portrait of your own pet on A3 canvas paper.

Each portrait is a detailed artwork of your pets bust.
You may choose a medium option and email a reference photo of your pet. Each piece will be varnished and carefully packaged before sent to you.

A3 Medium options below:

Graphite drawing $75
-Ready to ship within a week.
-Additional subjects $25 each

Acrylic painting $120
-Bright colors
-Ready to ship within two weeks
-Single color background
-Additional subjects $50 each

Oil Painting $150
-Classic, realistic, beautiful textured finish.
-Must allow an additional 3 weeks for the painting to dry before it can be shipped or picked up.
-Single or multi color background or light environment
-Additional subjects $50 each

I am happy to offer smaller portrait size options for a lower price. Please contact me via email or instagram to discuss your request.