Artemis Original Artwork on Acacia Wood

  • Artemis Original Artwork on Acacia Wood

Artemis. Goddess of the hunt, the moon, nature and childbirth. As a forest dweller and hunter, she is regarded as the wild woman archetype and role model for women.

"Artemis" Original artwork by Illyri. Acrylic and gold leaf on acacia wood board. Perfect for your altar or on your wall in your home.

Specifications of this order:
-295mm x 300mm
-Acacia wood base
-Acrylic paint
-Gold enamel paint
-Gold leaf
-Protected with gloss varnish
-Carefully packaged
-Blessing of Artemis included in packaging
-FREE Artemis print postcard included in the order.

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Please note: I do not manufacture or cut the boards, they often come out a little imperfect so feel free to message me if you are particular about this.